Polly was my best friend for twelve years and I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She would follow me everywhere no matter where that was. As a puppy I would carry her around in a little blue lunch box just so she would stay with me. I didn’t need to carry her around like that though she was always beside me. When I called her name her ears would perk up (one flopped down for a long time and then it took to sticking straight up) and without fail she came to me every time I called. I have never meet a dog or heard of one that was as loyal to me as Polly was. Almost every weekend she would wake me up by sticking her nose on my bed and breath in my face (her breath was horrible). She always loved thunder and lightning storms and would bark because she wanted to be outside in the storm. It’s hard to put into words how special she was to have around and how special she is to me even now that she’s gone. Polly always had this light in her eyes like she was as happy as any living thing could possibly be. I doubt I’ll have another dog like her. She’s touched my heart and I’m grateful for that. I’ve always thought it was cheesy when people would write silly things like this but after Polly I can understand. It’s hard to say how much I miss her, but it’s more then I ever thought I could miss anything. She taught me many things but most importantly she taught me to be grateful for what I have and to never take anything so special for anything less than it is. Polly will always have a special place in my heart.
RIP Polly 12/26/1996 - 02/07/2008  I will love you forever sweet Polly       -Carleigh
I will be eternally grateful to this little dog who shared an amazing bond with my daughter since she was just a toddler. Thanks to her Carleigh will have memories that will last her a lifetime. I am sure she'll be telling her own children about the amazing little Sheltie who was her constant chilhood companion. I know that I will forever remember that little blonde girl and her little brown dog playing in the backyard sprinkler on a hot summer day.
Goodbye Polly RIP and I love you.       -Amy




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